FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you offer any sizes other than those listed on the website?
A: We can make almost any size banner! Please take a look at our real-time banner builder with a price calculator. If you need something that the calculator does not cover, please let us know, and we would be happy to quote it for you!

Q: What colors do you have available?
A: In 13oz. vinyl, we offer White, Black, Yellow (PMS109), Rich Red (PMS1935), Royal Blue (PMS293), and Green (PMS349).

Q: What size do your banners finish out to?
A: White Banners will finish out to a full 24”, 36” and 48” give or take a half inch since factory roll width, sewing and finishing is not an exact science. Colors will finish out to 23”, 34” and 48” utilizing available 61” rolls.

If you need an Exact Finished Size banner, you can use our Custom Blank Banner Calculator to create a banner that finishes out to your specified size.

Q: What is your turnaround time?
A: Stock Blank Banners ship the same day if they are ordered before 3:00PM. Production time for all other banner products is typically 1-2 days. Very large and oversize banners can take longer depending on the size, complexity, and our current workload.

Q: May I make a correction to my order once it has been submitted?
A: Since most orders are transmitted to our production staff immediately upon submission, it is not generally possible to make corrections or changes once the order has been placed. If you have just placed your order, and want to check if changing it is possible, please contact us immediately.


If we have not answered your question here, please contact us to let us know!