How Do You Hang A Vinyl Banner?

All of our stock blank banners come with #2 brass grommets in each corner, and also grommets every 2 to 3 feet across the top and bottom of the banner to properly distribute the weight of the banner for hanging.

INDOOR BANNER INSTALLATION: For an indoor banner that will be put on a wall, we suggest screws, nails or push pins through the grommet holes and into the wall.

If the banner is not “pinned” against a wall, it could also be hung from the ceiling, by utilizing string or rope. If the banner needs to hang clean, zip ties or string can be threaded through the grommets and attached to a pole (PVC pole at hardware store is inexpensive) or a dowel. The pole can be suspended from the ceiling using string or rope. If suspending the banner between posts you will need to thread rope through the grommet holes and tie off to the posts on either side. Weight distribution is key when hanging a banner, so make sure to utilize all of the grommet holes for proper installation.

OUTDOOR BANNER INSTALLATION: If the banner is to be placed on a wall for outside use, we usually suggest attaching the banner to the wall using nails and screws. If attaching your banner to a fence, then zip are the best solution. The installer should firmly attach the banner to the wall using all grommets for proper weight distribution.

We are not responsible for banners installed improperly, or banners that are installed outdoors and the installer did not utilize all of the grommet holes. Please contact us prior to installing if you have any questions.